Declutter to Live is an invitation-only intensive coaching program.

In the meantime, I welcome you to join the waiting list for my FREE clutter-freedom workshop, coming soon:

The 5 Simple Steps My Clients Use to De-Clutter for Good and Find More Free Time THIS YEAR…

(Even if they’ve been trying to declutter forever!)

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The exact step-by-step strategy my clients are using to finally declutter their home (and their minds) before their next new year’s resolution, even if everything they’ve tried has failed.
  • The real reason why decluttering challenges and games are actually keeping people stuck in the clutter hamster wheel, and how my clients break free starting TODAY.
  • The sneaky secret my clients use to find time to declutter and have more “me time,” even if they have a crazy busy schedule
  • How my clients confidently welcome their friends into their homes even if they were ashamed to even open their doors before, and the simple strategy that makes it happen even faster than they ever thought could be possible.
  • The foolproof strategy for living a light and freedom-filled life, even for people who come from a long line of cluttered households.
  • AND how my clients do all of this confidently and guilt-free, even if they’ve always had trouble making decisions and letting go.